As a California county, we are part of California's Complete Count Committee and are here to help ensure all Tuolumne County residents are counted. We are NOT the US Census Bureau.

The Census is critical. Not only does it affect political representation, it also directs billions of dollars in government funding to local programs and services. Funding for education, healthcare, and infrastructure such as roads is allocated utilizing census data. Funding for social programs helping our families and seniors are also affected. For every person missed during the Census, Tuolumne County stands to lose $1,000 per person, per year—for 10 years—in federal funding.

Census data is used to make decisions around community needs: new schools, hospitals, roads, public safety, parks and housing development. Business owners also use Census data to determine where to locate new stores and recruit employees.

How Many People Have Responded?

Click on the Map at Right

Census 2020 Response Rate Map shows self-response rate data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, as well as information about census tracts and fact sheet links. Click the “About” icon in the map app to learn more. Self-response rate data will be updated daily.

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California’s Hard-To-Count
Interactive Map

The California Census Office has created an interactive map to view Census tracks. Click here to use the map and zoom in on Tuolumne County.

Tuolumne County's Hard-To-Count
Fact Sheet

The California Census Office has created this interactive map to view Census tracks. Click here to use the map and zoom in on Tuolumne County

Download PDF of Tuolumne County Hard-To-CountFact Sheet.

Your Census data is safe, protected and confidential. We are working with California to ensure a complete count for Census 2020.

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